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February 2017 Newsletter

Dear Gold Badge Members and Friends, 

A message from Fr. Tom Mulcrone;


When Cardinal Bernardin in 1987 named me as the Chaplain of the Chicago Fire Department his letter of appointment stated that there was a term of office of 3 years for this position, renewable upon review. No one ever bothered to call regarding that review.

So, thirty years later I look back proudly and happily at all that Has happened in my years as your Chaplain, grateful that the Good Cardinal forgot about that letter.

And it has been quite a ride!

There have been moments of incredible joy and satisfaction that have made these years a delight. Truly, I have been blessed beyond words. But there have also been those times of tragedy and great sadness, especially when one of our own had fallen. Yet through it all I knew I was loved and supported by so many who stood by my side, always encouraging me. And, of course, I knew and trusted in the unconditional love of

God who always saw me through the good and the bad. How truly blessed I have been on this journey.

Over the past year I have taken a lot of time to consider this road I have been on and how I want so much to go forward living my life to the full. Through prayer and the wise counsel of trusted family and friends I have decided that the time has come for me to retire as the Chaplain of this great fire department. The decision has not been arrived at easily – in some ways it’s frightening beyond words. To let go of something you love to do – work that is both meaningful and exciting at the same time – is still difficult for me to comprehend. The most difficult part of all this is having to say goodbye to all of you – the members, the retirees, the families. I have counted the fires, the emergency responses and all the runs I responded to – but I cannot quantify the incredible moments and events I have shared with so many of you.

This decision, as I have noted, has been a difficult one but the right one. I have my health and my wits about me (some might debate that point) and I will be retiring on my terms. Also, it will be good for the CFD to experience the ministry of a new Chaplain who can bring a fresh perspective and greater energy to this important work. To that end I am working with the Archdiocese to ensure that my successor be the right person for this vital ministry.

I will continue as the Chaplain until June 30 of this year – my “last day.” After that, I will take a 3 month sabbatical out of state to allow myself time to renew and regenerate and also afford the new Chaplain the opportunity to get to know all of you without the likes of me getting in the way. Of course, I won’t be completely walking away. I have made too many deep and abiding friendships to just slam the door; I look forward to enjoying the blessings of your friendship in retirement.

What else can I say but THANK YOU for 30 incredible years. I have been and, God willing will continue to be the luckiest priest in Chicago – all because of you.

Please know Father that we send our gratitude for you are the reason we are what we are, our love forever, and best wishes on this next chapter.

There will be a CFD Candidate Firefighter Graduation on WednesdayFebruary 15th (1c-4) beginning 6:30 p.m., at Navy Pier Ballroom.  All are welcome to attend.

Within this class there is 1 candidate whom is a grandchild of a LODD. Daniel Wilson, grandson of Capt. Donald Wilson (7.21.87)


The Wilson Family will RSVP through their candidate however any other GBS members who would like to attend are asked to RSVP to Eileen by Wednesday Feb. 8th for appropriate seating.

CFD Gold Badge Society Scholarship applications for the Class of 2017 graduating (qualified) 8th grade and High School senior children of active, retired, disabled, or deceased firefighters/paramedics of the Chicago Fire Department are now available.

If your child or the child of someone you know qualifies. Please go to for application, or request an application by e-mail at

*All applications must be postmarked no later than March 31, 2017. Please note envelope,

ATTN: Scholarship Committee and mail to
CFD Gold Badge Society,
3400 West 111th Street PMB 356
Chicago, IL 60655.

Other Scholarship Opportunities Available……

The National Fallen Firefighter Foundation~ visit
~ benefits are available to spouses, life partners, children, and step-children of fallen fire heroes.

Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2~ visit
~ benefits available to dependents of CFD firefighters and paramedics

International Assoc. of Fire Fighters~ visit
~ benefits available to dependents of fire service departments belonging to the IAFF.

Illinois Firefighters Memorial Foundation~ visit
~ benefits available to dependents of active, disabled, line of duty fire service members

Not only does February mark our 26th anniversary, it is also the time that annual member dues of $10 are owed. Remember, if you are under 21 or over 65 you may waives dues but please inform us that you would like to be considered or remain a member. Dues and/or notification of waiver of dues in writing may be mailed to the address on the left or may contact us at Dues can now be made through our website in the give central section,

It is time to renew our committees as well. They consist of Scholarship, Monthly Mass Hosts, Memorial Park, and CFD VS CPD Charity Baseball Game. Please know that help would be appreciated for all but especially needed for Monthly Mass Committee. If interested, sign up will be at February monthly meeting or contact us at this address.

 Save the Date!!

*Saturday February 11, (3b-4) ~ Ignite the Spirit 10th Annual Valentine Ball
Please visit for more information on all of their events

Not only does February mark our 26th anniversary, it is also the time that annual member dues of $10 are owed. Remember, if you are under 21 or over 65 you may waives dues but please inform us that you would like to be considered or remain a member. Dues and/or notification of waiver of dues in writing may be mailed to the address on the left or may contact us at Dues can now be made through our the Give central section, 

As we begin a new year, a friendly reminder, you do not need to be Catholic to attend the CFD monthly Mass and fellowship that follows. Also, you do not need to attend mass and fellowship in order to attend GBS meetings. The meeting starts about 10:00 a.m. (depending on the level of socializing), these meetings generally last for about an hour and there is always someone looking to go out to lunch afterwards. Attending meetings is the best way to keep informed and we are always open to fresh faces and new input.

Amazon is one of the most widely used websites in the world. Customers can now elect to donate 0.5% of their purchase to the charity of their choice. This is all made possible by shopping on If you already shop on Amazon, or if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, we invite you to shop at and choose CFD Gold Badge Society as your charity of choice.

A new opportunity for GBS donations is Give Central, in which the site up and running! Here is the link;

CFD Monthly Mass 2015 Dates

8:30 a.m.
Holy Family Church
1120 W. Roosevelt Road

February 19 (2e-4)
March 19 (3d-4) Patrick /St. Joseph’s Celebration
April 16 (1c-4)
May 21(3e-3) Mother’s Day Celebration

Monday, May 29, 2017 (2c-3)
9:30 a.m. ~ Parade of uniformed members
10:00 a.m. Memorial Mass
11:00 a.m. ~ Raising of Flag, 21 gun salute and taps

June 18 (1d-3) Father’s Day Celebration
July 16 (2d-3)
August 20 (1e-2)
September 17 (3b-1)
October 15 (1a-1)
November 19 (2a-1)
December 17 (3e-1)

The Gold Badge Society members meeting is held following the CFD Monthly Mass in the basement of Holy Family Church.